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Swansea Festival of Stitch Masterclass

I will be teaching at Swansea Festival of Stitch on August 10 2018.  It is an unfortunate clash with Festival of Quilts, but the programme looks great.             I have called my class ‘Beautiful Surfaces’ as that … Continue reading

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Must do better

When blogging first began, I was a great blogger and built some great connections, posted regularly and added thoughtful content.  Then came big-life – births, deaths, weddings, funerals, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more life! Must do better! What have I … Continue reading

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Rosie little handbag

Still setting fair the workroom. “Setting fair” – used to love the end of the day when I worked with horses and everyone was mucked out or turned out, the tack was clean and, last of all, the yard was … Continue reading

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Clamshell purse

In the spirit of the autumn feeling I always get, and it feeling like autumn already, I am in a use it up, tidy it up, sort it out, throw it out mood. I have had a clamshell purse frame … Continue reading

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August CQ Journal quilt

A freezer paper stencil and blue oil stick, close meander stitched in variegated blue thread around the letters and open meander stitching to fill. Simple but I like it.

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July is dressed up and playing a tune

Summer breeze!  Strawberries make mighty fine prints. This may well fade to browns, but I love transitions, so that’s okay! Just using the trimmed tops – we ate the berries! Here is July’s CQ 11″ X 11″ Journal quilt. The … Continue reading

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CQ Journal quilts 2017

Last 11″ X 11″ CQ Journal quilt of the second quarter. Year’s theme ‘Text’, quarter’s method – stitch. June is hand stitched in threads which contrast the text and background.

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