I love water soluble printing ink. It is fragile, yes, but you can do a lot with that fragility, working in to areas to change the textures, and to move the colour around to lighten and darken.

I like to transfer a lot of the work I do on paper into work on fabric. Anything done with a water soluble medium will, of course, be useless for an applied art piece like a bed quilt, but can work interestingly in art for art’s sake.  

My CQ journal quilt theme for 2017 is ‘Text’ and I am going to look at different ways of getting text on to fabric – changing the approach quarterly. The method for January, February and March is print and the medium is water soluble ink – totally in the spirit of experiment.  For January, I used a set of wooden blocks from Colouricious, (the blocks I used are not in the shop at the moment).  This (reversed) image shows a Gelli print, which gives lovely texture because of the water based medium, and shows how you can, on paper, go back in and push the ink around.

As well as a brush, I used a baby wipe to remove colour and gained a great by-product.

I printed directly onto fabric, trepidacious of making a mess that would be impossible to clean. It didn’t go too badly, for me. I am like the Schultz character Pigpen normally, with my own Sod’s law – whether it’s mascara, dye, paint, or even food: if it can go everywhere, it will go everywhere! This time I got away with it!

What I got was that lovely texture with a ‘distressed’ feel. What I hoped for, and got, was migration from the fabric to the thread. I used MadeiraViscose in White, and got my own spontaneous variegation. 

I also got variegated fingers which, miraculously, did not transfer my prints, as if in a Miss Marple story, all over the house!

Will post the continuing process soon.


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