Another small book of spring

Today I have hung washing from the line for the first time in weeks, and emerged from a week of flu into brilliant sunshine. Yesterday, I was alone and had to poke my nose outside for the sake of the dog, who, as I fought with the weather-tossed door of the polytunnel, abandoned me anyway, to wait by the door of the warm house, as if to say “What are you thinking, woman-mine???”

What I was, and am, thinking is…..I need sun. If I cannot find it in the sky, I will find it in scraps of fabric and my bead box.


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2 Responses to Another small book of spring

  1. George says:

    Thanks Colin. I gave had a bad couple of years, but I am trying to be more out there!


  2. Knitman says:

    It isn’t just the book, but the getting the idea in the first place! Wow!


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