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I belong to the Sketchbooks and Experiments for Textiles Facebook group and enjoy joining in with their regular challenges to post a daily image of current work. I combined the February challenge with getting on with the previously mentioned NWCQ challenge for 2016, which is to work on the theme of pattern – a broad and enticing concept.

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Working daily on one subject enables you to make many lateral leaps and find your own vocabulary.  Sometimes it feels tedious, and then something fresh develops.  NB. DEVELOPS….. Many people feel disappointed in their work, (of course I do too, sometimes) but often that is because they don’t DO the work – they are disappointed in advance as it were!  DO the work and your artistic muscles, along with your hand and eye coordination will develop.  Once you couldn’t drive a car, then you learnt, then you drove everyday, maybe you even began to enjoy driving!  Art is similar, but more rewarding.

I have drawn, painted, printed and digitally altered for most of February, but in the last couple of days, treated myself by moving into textile translations of some of the pattern developments.  I particularly liked this print –


and these drawings –

IMG_0508pattern x

which led on to – FullSizeRender

I added a Stewart Gill silver, using a Fineline applicator.  Really pleased with the ease of using both items.


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One Response to Pattern

  1. Gill Thomas says:

    Love it! I especially love the way the rose print developed once you started to draw. Nice one, Georgina!!


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