More Chairs

Working with the many quick, and in a workshop not deeply thought through, prints.  There is treasure to be found. Each page of my sketchbook adds to my understanding of the theme and why it stuck in my mind, of the different mediums, of colour, of placement, and of how to develop my ideas and thoughts further, especially towards textile pieces.

A monoprint with pattern and colour added  afterwards with Brusho.

A person in the chair – taking advantage of the water-soluble print medium, by working into it with the end of a paintbrush  dipped in water and used to scratch marks.  reminds me of  Henry Moore – Woman on the Underground – just a little! I am not comparing my work to HM!

A fragment of a print based on knitted stocking stitch applied to a gessoed page – thinking about sitting and knitting.   More sitting and knitting – the page coloured with Brusho and then a monoprint worked on Deli-paper adhered so that the paint comes through lightly.

Monoprint  using water-soluble medium, brusho applied very lightly so as to disrupt the print a little.   Collage, applied prints, stencilled lettering.
  Lines, as if it were a school-chair, (not that I ever had to do lines. Ahem!) words thinking about sitters who have gone, written onto page and covered by print onto Deli-paper

  Monoprints, Brusho, collage and white pen.
 Candle-wax resist and Brusho.


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