Another day at The Wooden House

Another art quilt adventure with Laura Kemshall!

We worked on composition, which is an area I definitely need help with. Sticking to our own themes, students beavered away using a method of screen printing that is new to me, and which I love.  It is painterly, and also incorporates the drawn line – right up my street!  I am sure Laura will be doing more workshops on the method so keep watching her blog for the classes, which rightly get snapped up!

I am continuing to work with an image I made in the 80s, and which I feel still has miles to go.  The chair, the jacket, the scarf – so far only one version of each, but as we met a man t’other week who has a warehouse of 3000 chairs, and I do possess more than one jacket and scarf, this theme might see me out!

For this workshop I stuck to a limited palette and explored the background – impressionistic and patterned.  I worked on paper:

first pull
second pull

And on fabric:

And combined the two – Laura showed us how beautifully monoprinted Deli-paper bonds to fabric. Can’t wait to add stitch!



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