Art Van Go workshop

Monoprint and roller pressureA two day workshop on mark making on paper and fabric,  organised by Minerva Textiles who meet every month at The Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes.  Viv Arthur, of Art Van Go, is a brilliant teacher, full of information and encouragement.

Monoprint in Acrylic plus masking tape

The samples she brought along were hugely inspirational, so next time you are asking her about how to use something before you buy it, know that she is an artist herself, albeit one with little time to be fulfilled creatively because she is so busy facilitating others.  Thank you, Viv – much appreciated and I hope you have the time one day to do your thing!

Monoprint and roller pressure 2

I am particularly interested in translating sketchbook work in to textile work.  I had a go, albeit rather literal, (which seems to be my phrase du jour) with a couple of printed pieces, one paper, one fabric.  Paper Version

Fabric version

There is more to do on the stitched piece – I am not one for insipid colour – more texture needed – but I like the interpretation.


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  1. Alisa says:

    Nice 🙂


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