Merry Christmas!

Reindeer quiltI have bandied images of my Christmas quilt about a bit already on FB, but thought my reindeer deserved a place here too.  It doesn’t photograph well as you can’t see all the shiny silvery sparkly snowflakes free motioned all around him!

Reindeer snow

I love reindeer and moose, and Christmas is my excuse to indulge my fancies. My favourite decoration as a child was a white frosted moose and it got broken.  Every year I look out for one like it – no luck so far….. it looks like this except frosted, and without the ribbon if you come across one…


I have reindeer and moose soft toys and crockery, and I have made some textile decorations.  This year a friend knitted me the cutest one!  I’ll add pics later!  I even bought a tin of biscuits from Tesco because of the reindeer on the lid!


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