CQ JQ August and September

Georgina Newson August

August’s 8″ x 8″ JG depicts the journey from our home in the middle of nowhere to our holiday rental in the middle of nowhere!  Keeping to the theme of time, it depicts the benevolent fracture in time that holidays are.  It is more simple than the other quilts in the series, analogous to the quietude of a break from normal life. It is simply velvet, bisected by a hand-dyed cotton and echo quilted.

Georgina Newson September

September’s JQ depicts the super moon of this month.  It references the importance of the moon to our way of measuring time, and also harks back to a time in my own life when I was very intrigued by the cycle of the moon and how it echoed my menstrual cycle, the births of my children and, very intriguingly and markedly, the behaviour of children at the EBD school in which my husband worked.

The quilt is constructed of pieced velvet which has been stencilled and discharged, and then a ‘moon’ made up of three layers has been inserted.  The moon’s layers are; Gelli-printed cotton, lightweight Lutradur, and a Lutradur-like synthetic with gold flecks in it,  whose fibres I am not sure of, but it does not melt back so when, after some free-motion stitching, I applied heat, the ‘craters’ formed in the middle layer but not the top layer.  I then sprayed some Brusho colours onto the top layer.  Shame I don’t know what the top fibre is as I love the subtle effect.


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