Bloomin’ Heck

A month since I last posted!  I am rubbish at this lark!  I am always running to catch up these days, but want to get things finished so that I have free time by June.  So I am back to doing several things at once instead of my desired state of one wonder at a time!  I am behind with my CQ monthly mini quilts, but will catch up – here is January’s, (I know I have already posted – but I am going to keep posting them together as the series builds) and February’s:JanuaryFebruary If you remember this…Stitch 2and this…sketch 2 they became this:Finished 5 It will soon be time for the Welsh Heritage Quilters biennial exhibition at The Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes and to help promote it, local businesses have agreed to have mini quilts in their windows.  I made one for a physiotherapist…Physio for an Osteo 2turns out he’s an osteopath… a bit like confusing an astrologer and an astronomer…. OsteoNot as happy with it as the Physio one – lost my mojo and forgot to add a Vilene layer to make it good and firm.  Hey Ho!


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2 Responses to Bloomin’ Heck

  1. Chris says:

    Jeni’s right – they are both gorgeous!


  2. Jeni says:

    They are both wonderful and the ‘osteo’ one wasn’t floppy.


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