Forgive me if…

Writing this in a power cut, even though the weather is the least aggressive that it has been for several weeks.

I am not sure if I have already posted images of these two finishes before so forgive me if I have.

This is one I did when Minerva Textiles were looking at the theme of ‘Found objects’.  I had been clearing out my mother’s sewing things, prior to the sale of her house in order to pay care fees.  She had more elastic, in more variety, than one family could use in a lifetime – especially a lifetime that encompassed the dawn of Lycra.

Tea and Elastic

It is made of tea stained fabric with a teapot as the central motif.  My mum loves her tea – 3½ minutes brewed.  The elastic holds together, or divides, depending on your viewpoint, and speaks of worry and a need to control.  Bottom left is an embroidered Strelitzia.  My mother grew one in an enormous pot and patiently waited about five years for it to flower.  The images are of my mother and my father, as children and adults and the envelope is one used to write a Christmas card list – the last Mum wrote before dementia took all memory of such things from her.

I made this next piece in response to an exhibition theme of ‘Garden’.  I have posted WIP pics but not the finish.  It is a scene from my garden made from tiny scraps of hand dyed fabric, all stitched on individually, with additional detailed panels free-machined and coloured with Inktense pencil.


It wasn’t accepted for the exhibition and I got a parking ticket when I left it to be juried, plus I know that one entry that was accepted was made at a workshop with, and was completely in the very recognisable style of, a very well-known maker  – but I’m not bitter!!

Two last bits of show and tell – my January CQ quilt – 8” x 8” is such a cute and loveable size!  I am exploring time.  This is about the brightness of now, (as a concept not as a weather-map) and the mystery of the past, but how each feeds into the other.

1 January finished

Lastly some WIP sampling for a bag I will be completing for my C&G level 3.

sketch 2

Stitch 2


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2 Responses to Forgive me if…

  1. George says:

    Bless you Honeybee!


  2. Chris says:

    Well I love your garden quilt, George. I’d have picked it. Keep up the good work x


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