A few sampling trials

Tissue used to colour fabric

I have used tissue paper to colour fabric in the past, but never tested it in a systematic way.  Because I may want to wash the piece that I am going to colour, I thought I had better do a couple of trials.  Tried laying the tissue onto PFD cotton wet with plain water, and also with a solution of soda ash.

Tissue coloured fabric

The resulting colouration is very attractive, in both samples, soft and without much bleeding so there is potential for some detailed patterning if desired.  The soda ash strengthens the colour a tad.

Tissue coloured fabric after washing 2 Tissue coloured fabric after washing

Strangely, although I don’t know why I am surprised as I have no idea what sort of dye is used to colour tissue paper, (although as it is cellulose I would have guessed at a Procion type) the plain water sample seemed to hang on to the colour better after washing.  Pink holds on better than blue, and blue holds on better than green – which doesn’t really stay around at all!

I stitched a small sample onto a piece of the plain water soak and like the result.

Stitch trial


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One Response to A few sampling trials

  1. My first thought was wow, that must be very hard working with such delicate materials. Love the colours.


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