Corvid Sketches

Things sometimes come together in a way that feels right.  Sometimes those things are disparate. A paper plate, a Gelli-plate and thoughts of a corvid trap.

Whilst out walking, we came across one of the latter – a most vile and pointless cruelty, whose legality both revolts, infuriates and saddens me – and the corvid family has been on my mind ever since.

A fusion of the pathetic and the banal resulted.

I had a paper plate partly cut up from another project, and I have a Gelli-plate.  I began playing with the moon-like circle and having lost several nights to worrying about a trapped bird and my own inadequate attempts to set it free, (I think it may have spent its life incarcerated as it was bigger than the trapdoor) I pondered on poems that are written from the perspective of the heightened anxiety of the small hours.Paper plate

Edward Lewis Davison’s sonnet  and its reflections on unrequited love is one of my favourite poems.  The paper plate, a spray of exhausted Procion, and strips of just-lying-about collograph.

Paper plate 2

A corvid thermofax screen I have had for a while, more exhausted Procion sprayed , the paper plate as print and mask, and the words of Ted Hughes.


The crow, the paper plate, sprayed Procion and old Gelli-plate prints with words from Mark Twain.

Corvid 2The rook, the thermofaxed corvid, old printed fabric and collograph and ink drawing.  The rook is gregarious – time in a trap would be agony.

Corvid 3Did you know that a Jay can live for 16 years?  Longer than many dogs. This is ink drawing, water-colour and Gelli-plate print.

Corvid 4

The raven and ink drawing on gelli-plate print.  Ravens can live for 20 years and they mate for life.  To cage them in a space too small to unfurl their wings, alone and without shelter is barbaric.  To do so in order to attract their fellows to their death is medieval.


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