More Bark, less bite

That is a meaningless post title, I just liked the sound of it!  Two pieces of bark-cloth ready to send off, (see previous post):


Bark Cloth for Bobby 3 Bark Cloth for Bobby 2there is intellectual pursuit in each piece – thoughts on dearth and abundance, need and want  – but they are, essentially, pretty.


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2 Responses to More Bark, less bite

  1. George says:

    Thanks Colin – they are actually gong to be made into children’s shoes in a charity fundraiser! It makes me very happy that you think they are frame-able – coming from parents who could only ever say hmmmm as a form of praise, I longed for them to frame a piece of my work – never happened…


  2. I really like them and If I have not misunderstood what they are (material) I’d love to drape them over my armchair OR have them stretched professionally and frame them and hang them.


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