Kindle Cover

The world will never know how I raised the strength not to entitle this post Kindle Kover, but somehow I did.  Had to prep some weird and wonderfuls, (i.e. Lutradur, Tyvek, Evolon, painted Bondaweb etc. etc. etc.)  for a study day, so I decided afterwards to turn them in to a Kindle cover, (again with the super-human will) that has been running around the windmill of my mind for ages.  I love my Kindle and she deserves a fine cover that is one step up from all the tutorials I have come across.  Little elastic corners do not suit.  I wanted a proper pocket, that has a gap so that the buttons are accessible.  It’s certainly not a rocket science design, more a getting around to it one, and now I have – got around to it – so y’ere tis.


Front 2


Front 3


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6 Responses to Kindle Cover

  1. George says:

    Thank you Colin – you and the word pretentious do not fit together at all!


  2. knitmanyarn says:

    I cannot think of something really pretentious and artistic to say about this other than to say that I think it is lovely.


  3. George says:

    Thanks Jeni!!


  4. Jeni says:

    That is beautiful and I feel priviledged to have seen it ibefore it was finished.


  5. Chris says:

    Great restraint with the post title. Well done 🙂


  6. Lovely! I am so with you on the Kindle Kover 😀


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