Near Death Experience (well sort of…)

It has been a windy, rainy day, but not very windy in Welsh terms.  I had just gone out of the door to get the goats in, as they hate rain and we had just prepared their winter quarters so I thought we might as well make use of them.  I lowered my head against the wind and heard a noise like a tarpaulin flapping, so looked up to see our ancient Ash tree, fallen across my path.  I have measured the distance – I was 13 seconds away from being under that tree.  I am lucky.SAM_1030As with all bad events, there are blessings.  I am alive and no-one and no dog or goat was hurt.  The tree was tall enough to reach the house and I have sometimes worried about that – not any more.  We had been going to fence around the vegetable patch that the tree fell on, but hadn’t got around to it yet, ( I hadn’t grown any veg this year because of the rabbits) so nothing lost there either.  The WFV had just said that we weren’t going to have enough of our own wood this winter – well, we will have next year, when this tree’s wood is seasoned – and for several seasons after that I think – it was a huge ‘instant death’ tree!  I am blessed!!


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One Response to Near Death Experience (well sort of…)

  1. Such a lucky escape but I imagine you were shaking afterwards! So happy this all ended well.


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