Too much to do

Still too much to do, but I’m not complaining – it’s all good and a bit of pressure doesn’t do any harm – just means I am no longer up to date with what is happening on Neighbours!!

Just been looking through a few C&G samples.  It is strange what a difference distance makes, whether it’s time or length!  I did not like making any of these samples at the time, not the process or the results – sample making for a course seems like hoops to jump through.  Looking at them again, I quite like some of them.  Posting might be useful for other C&G-ers – these are for Level 3 Patchwork and Quilting

Hawaiian Appliqué

Hawaiian Appliqué

The motif has been applied using a different method for each corner, because I hated doing it so much that I had to be experimental.  I even used some invisible thread that was in my mother’s workbox and must be at least 30 years old.  It was the best method!  Looking at it now I like the ‘pop’ of the red-orange against the lilac.

Broderie Perse

Broderie Perse

I have never seen a sample of Broderie Perse that I really like, but without immodesty, I quite like this.  Again three different application methods made the process bearable.  I like the 3D effect of the needle turning, (bottom), and I like the strong outline of the satin stitch, (centre) – it reminds me of all the fabric badges on my denim jacket when I was 14, (no that was not in 1878).  The background fabric is a hand-dye embellished with weeds and bubbles courtesy of Intense pencils, dipped, like a quill,  into fabric medium whilst being applied.

Machine Bias Appliqué

Machine Bias Appliqué

This is, I imagine, the logo of the cleaning company that got the Starfleet contract.  If I bumped into Captain Kirk wearing an overall with such on my top pocket I would be mortified…

Here’s a few sketchbook pages – people love looking at sketch book pages – almost as much as they like buying sketchbooks they never use – you know who you are!!

Design development sea

Design development sea 2Bit of Gesso going on here

Design development sand under sea with rocksBit of translucency – got an overlay thing goin’ on!

Sketchbook page 1

Bit of colour in case your eyes have gone to sleep

Sea stone rough

Rock your Baby!


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