A Finished Quilt

SAM_1669One down, several to go before I return to the Eden that is one-at-a-time world…..


Here are a few tips

  • when you have a dear friend and know for several decades that they will have a special birthday that deserves a special gift – don’t leave it until three weeks before giving time to start that special gift….
  • do not quilt in a heatwave (that is what we used to call summer!)
  • Buy two reels of every quilting cotton you ever purchase – if you don’t you will panic and start making your meander more open and then get to the end and realise you could have been consistent because thread goes farther than you think,  and then you wouldn’t have to construct some high-falutin’ artistic reason for why two borders are ‘regular’ meander and two are ‘large’.  In other words, you will need one reel, but feel like you need two, so get two.
  • Either buy a special free-motion bobbin, (as I will now do), or one of those Teflon gizmos that goes into a normal bobbin case, or just dare to turn that tiny screw, because if you just keep tightening the top tension, the top thread will break every few inches and you will swear, but because you are in a rush, having ignored the first tip here, you won’t deal with it as you should you will just keep on re-threading and swearing.




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