Letting myself down

I have failed myself, in an epic way, in my resolve to only have one project on the go at a time – well, one knit and one sew that is – so that’s two isn’t it.  Okay.  Well, just two would be good, but there seems to be more than that going on……..

There is the small quilt started at  a very jolly and informative Deborah O’Hare workshop – it is getting there but I need to add some print work to the empty panels.

Deborah O'Hare









There is the trial piece, started at my art-quilting monthly meeting that gets layers added intermittently, but that I would like to finish very soon. It is just about trying techniques, but I prefer to try out when I need to rather than for the sake of – does that make sense?

Minerva Textiles

The Nana quilt is still at the in-my- head-but-gathering-materials-stage, (gathering helps concretise ideas).

Nana stuff

A bird, largely born of wax crayon, still very much on the wing and needing lots of french knots.  Started because I wanted to see what would happen to wax crayon on fabric if I worked on top of a warm Rayburn – answer – not much, but I think it could be finished quite interestingly – when though?

Flying Bird

A cardigan – I only knit in the autumn and winter so come September…..










A quilt with a deadline for a friends birthday which has been and gone, but is being celebrated on Mull at the end of the month

Quilt idea

the thought








Andy's Block

the block









The top so far

Top so far 2


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2 Responses to Letting myself down

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  2. Don’t beat yourself up over it. We all do it. I have 5 different knitting projects on the go despite promising myself to have just one.


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