Mystery Work In Progress

I know it looks a lot like a rag rug at the moment, but it isn’t.  The background colours, are complementary to the colours that will cover them, (except the orange – there won’t be any more blue, I just wanted to dabble the leftover orange dye) so it is hard to visualise the aim – I know what I’m doing (I do – really!).  Hopefully, by the time it’s finished, it will be a wondrous garden! For those, like me, to whom size does matter, it measures about 30″ by 25″!



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2 Responses to Mystery Work In Progress

  1. Chris says:

    it does look like a garden doesn’t it! Monet style? Beautiful colours!! x


  2. knitmanyarn says:

    This to be an utter know it at all who clearly doesn’t I would have thought that this was a watercolour of a garden. LOve the depth and colour.


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