What a week!

We flew to Greece last Friday morning, for a wedding on Spetses on Saturday evening.  Sunshine at last Hurrah!  I made sure that I was thoroughly sunburnt, in the grand British tradition, by Saturday lunchtime.

What a fabulous wedding – Greek Orthodox – and a very joyous occasion.  Barbie and Mike made a stunning couple as they swanked, rightly proud, into the beach-side reception to Primal Scream’s Come Together.


We saw friends we haven’t seen for ten years and children who have grown into the most enchanting people.  I danced The Bump with the only man I can rely on to match my skill at this much under-rated dance and had to keep stopping because I laughed so much.


I braved the terrors of the deep to lunch on a yacht (although I did have a bit of a wimp-weep in the dinghy, which everyone else took in their stride) although I was not courageous enough to swim off the side.SAM_1362

I ate fried cheese until I could eat no more, and luxuriated in the azure of it all.

Then we flew home on my birthday in order to attend another fabulous wedding!


Another very joyful day, so personal to the couple and their family and friends!

A hard to beat week of Big Fun!


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2 Responses to What a week!

  1. Chris says:

    Lucky you – it sounds like you had a wonderful time!


  2. How fantastic!@ What a lovely treat and one you will not forget.


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