Busy Bee

I have had it pointed out to me on real Planet Earth, by a real Human Bean, not you cyber-beans, that I ought to post.  That Human Bean is absolutely right (and gorgeous too!).

Like all of you, I have been busy!  Some of the stuff I have been doing it would be impolitic to post at present so I thought that as sketch-booking is the new Kinky Boot, I would entrance you and delight you or, failing that, disappoint you, with a few clipettes from my sketchbooks.

Sketchbook page 2

This is a piece on a theme of the Tudor rose and is layers of acrylic ink and print with foiling.  I worked up some applique from the theme including a piece using silk and sheers with some copper sheet and copper foil. The shield is of bondawebbed sweet wrappers.

Sample Experimental Applique


Another theme is the Funfair, specifically Margate Dreamland,  (shame on some of you Margateers for being mean to Mary Portas!).  You can’t not love the Merry Go Round horses (double negative – oops)

Page 16

Silhouettes backed with the kitchen towel I use to mop up Procion dyes, and the silhouette I used as a carrier for oil-stick pigment to stencil this:

Page 17


I am working on a textile piece and I promise to blog it soon!


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4 Responses to Busy Bee

  1. I have joined up the dots and realised that this is YOU!
    Great pages. The best work does come from exploring ideas on paper first I find.


  2. Gosh! You have been busy. Love the carousel horses.


  3. Chris says:

    And very lovely it is too. I really like the Tudor rose idea – and especially as I’ve just finished Bring Up The Bodies. have a lovely weekend – it’s sunny 🙂 x


  4. Chris says:

    Yay, you posted!!!!


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