Two FOs Two WIPs

I told y’all that I spent a day with DD dyeing – here are the results.  I know I should  have taken pics for the ‘before’ shots, but I didn’t!  They were both plain undyed Merino.

This is a Sirdar pattern called Bramble and Garter Stitch Collared jackets on Ravelry.  I knew the green I wanted, but couldn’t find it in a yarn, so I bought undyed Merino from the excellent Yarn-Undyed – what a nice clear business name! It is lovely to knit with and it dyed like a dream.  Like flying, for me, the magic of dyeing never wears off!  I used acid dyes in Emerald Green, Bottle Green and Light Brown to get the shade I wanted.

A Rowan pattern – Frances – from Yarn-Undyed’s 4ply Merino, and dyed with a mix of Orange, Emerald Green and Light Brown.

A knitted WIP is a currently unphotogenic  plain grey cardigan, from unplain yarn – a Posh Betsy called Turn Your Back that is as soft as the silk it contains.

Another WIP is the beginnings of an art book, inspired during a night of insomnia accompanied by the gentle drumming of the rain on the roof.

Another WIP is a play with ‘found objects’

I was astonished by the amount of elastic in my mother’s workbox, and it serves well as a metaphor for the tightly bound mores of the past.  The work, still very much ‘in progress’, was started for the meeting of a new group, an offshoot of The Welsh Heritage Quilters.  A number of members are becoming increasingly interested in more experimental work with textiles, and we now meet on the last Wednesday of every month, to share with, and support, each other on our journeys.  To get us going, we are themeing the meetings and Found Objects was our September topic.  In October we will be looking at printing on fabric.


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  1. What fun that dyeing looks! And I totally love the textile will all that elastic – what a fabulous thing – look forward to seeing it when it’s finished. 🙂


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