Normal Service Will be Resumed as Soon as Possible….

I have never been a daily blogger, but I used to post a lot more frequently than I have of late.  I have been otherwise engaged.  The situation has eased, so I hope to post more often.

My mother has been declining,  with dementia, for the past three years.  Things came to a head over the past two months.  Despite having carers coming in three times a day, she began wandering and it became clear that she was no longer safe living alone at home.  We had no help from the powers that be.  Once the words self-funding are uttered “You are on your own” – this is a direct quote from a member of the Elderly Persons Mental Health Team in Andover.

Mum is now in a lovely home, and is relaxed for the first time in an age, because, despite having a one sentence memory, she was aware of being unaware and she was very afraid of being alone whilst also being equally scared of leaving her home.

My Aunt, My Nana, My Mother circa 1964

My Aunt, My Nana, My Mother circa 1964

She did not want to go, she was terribly upset, and it was very, very hard to be the big bad daughter who made her, but it was the right thing to do and she is now safe, and as happy as she is able to be.  The worry of the past months, and the stress of having to make the most difficult of decisions has, I feel, aged me by ten years, as well as leaving no headroom at all for creativity.  I am starting to settle into this new phase now wherein worry is diminished.  I haven’t sewn, knitted, written, (creatively – copious notes have been made about the events relating to Mum and I suggest anyone experiencing similar keeps a record) drawn, painted, anything – anything at all – for an age.  I am ready to now.


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5 Responses to Normal Service Will be Resumed as Soon as Possible….

  1. charlene says:

    I have been in your shoes and it is not easy…It is one of the hardest decisions to make and a decision you wonder about for a long time. But in the end you will know in your heart it was the right one. At least now your mother is being taken care of and in good hands. That is what matters the most..she is doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers…


  2. George says:

    Thank you Frieda! I am going to try!


  3. It must have been a hellishly tough time for you! Hope your creative mojo will come back now, Art is something you can loose yourself in and there is nothing better to transport you to a better place.


  4. George says:

    We do what we have to don’t we, dearest Colin! You have more than can be asked of anyone on your plate, and you inspire me with your openness, directness, and unflinching courage.


  5. knitmanyarn says:

    Your stress certainly puts mine in perspective. How you handled all of this I do not know. I am amazed by you.


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