Long gap between posts!

Christmas was dreadful and precipitated big changes with my dementia-suffering mother.  Now she has carers three times a day and seems much calmer. So I have a big project on the go – sewing not blogging!  Here is a sneak preview!

Also managed a fireside knit  – lovely Posh yarn

A Gail aka Nightsong shawl

And been on a one-day workshop with the enchanting Ferret


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2 Responses to AWOL

  1. Iris says:

    I found you via your comment on Colin’s blog. I, too, am interested in quilting, knitting, etc. We may be kindred spirits. The shawl is gorgeous and, also, the other posts. I’ll be making your blog a regular visit, so keep posting. Oh! Oh! You DO know about Pauline Salzman, do you not? If not, Google her with quilting in the search. She used to be my “boss” when she owned Bay Area Sewing in Florida.


  2. The shawl is gorgeous. It must be very hard on you with your mother.


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