Round Robin Quilt

I joined my excellent and friendly local quilt group – Welsh Heritage Quilters of Llanidloes – for two reasons: to meet like minded folk, and for the annual challenges.  This is my first ever round robin quilt.  The rules were that the six members of each group made each other 12 square inches of block and no two members could do the same dimensions.  The initiator, who kicked off with a 12″ square,  could make as many or as few specifications as they wished.  I asked that everyone use Batik fabric and I supplied enough, but they could add if they wished.  The initiator then made up a finished quilt adding as much or as little as they wished.

Here are the base ingredients: (I made the woven ribbon block)

I added lots more of the log cabin variation 6″ squares and some Kona solid sashing, FMQ-ed the centre, then added two borders the last of which was an homage to Katherine Guerrier’s stars.

I had a piece of, admittedly, non-Batik backing fabric and added some corner stars and red batik border to the back

and finally (although I do have a few threads to sew in!),  the label, naming all the generous contributors!

I am really looking forward to seeing what has happened to the blocks I contributed to the others!


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7 Responses to Round Robin Quilt

  1. This is beautiful! Love it!


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  3. My goodness me, that is beautiful! I am not a huge fan of batiks (well, not all batiks!), but I have to say I would take that off your hands in a heartbeat, it’s lovely. Well done you and all your colleagues.


  4. knityoga says:

    The quilt is wonderful!! I agree with Frieda – it looks as if it was meant to be. You are an inspiration to me with your quilting, George. Thank you so much for your kind remarks on my very modest efforts.


  5. Unlike some Round Robins your quilt looks a beautiful entity as if it was all meant to be together. Love the colours and of course all that batik!


  6. Suz says: the rich colouring, a fabulous quilt xx


  7. knitmanyarn says:

    I am seriously impressed. This is just beautiful. I do so love hand made stuff.


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