Returned from abroad

Unlike L P Hartley, for me, depression, rather than the past, is another country and I spent the summer abroad – so to speak.  It is – as I have said here before – hard to come back.  It is like walking into a roomful of people you know, but who have no idea that they have ever met you – you are the stranger and yet you know the landscape well.  It feels weird, it feels like you live at a different speed to the rest of the planet, and it feels difficult – absence does not, I know, make the heart grow fonder – it does instead realise the truth of the fact that no one is irreplaceable.  It is (unprovable though this image is) like coming back from the dead once those left behind have done the worst of their grieving and learnt to live without you quite happily.  It is like becoming an intruder into your own life. However, I am on the up, and making myself make reconnections.  Bear with – as Miranda’s mother would say.

I do work on through – I become such a sociophobe that there are no interruptions! (life always offers an upside!) A neighbour has become a grandmother and I made a cot quilt.  I wanted to focus on some lettering outlined in tight meander FMQing, so I simply bordered some charm squares  from The Cottonpatch in Kona Solids biscuit, and framed the whole in some more of the green, (what I like to call (as Miranda’s mother would also say) a KISS quilt).  The fabric is Amy Butler’s Soul Blossoms.

Terrible pic alert!!

I also had a play with some of the pre-felt I bought at Wonderwool this year

First stage – cut shapes, layer, and wet,

Add some soap to the top bubble-wrap NOT the wool, then rub over the shapes gently until they are lightly fixed in place, then roll up and roll back and forth until the felt is of the density you like!

Cut it into bits – and make a bag!


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3 Responses to Returned from abroad

  1. Gill says:

    Oh and of course, I ought to have said how very impressed I am with that lettering!! Wow and double wow….love it!!


  2. Gill says:

    I’ll simply say you were missed. How lovely it is to see you back!


  3. knitmanyarn says:

    I don’t find it hard to understand your trip, your return, or the feeling of being an alien I still feel that way, like an alien, but have not been abroad in years.
    Glad to see you back and creating.


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