Art Quilt

I have to admit to feeling slightly exposed in posting these pictures of my first ever attempt at an art quilt.  Artist’s Way not withstanding, I still have trouble applying the word ‘art’ to anything I do.  I come from a family in which artists were perceived as non contributary dilettantes, and nothing I ever created ever met with more that an “um” of a reaction.  I am more than aware of the dismissive reaction to art that is not immediate and ‘pretty’, but there is an intellectual content to this!  Does that sound high falutin?

I made it anyway.

The idea came from samples made at an Ario workshop.  We used a block that when heated can be pressed onto objects to make a stamp.  I used my keys as they were to hand.  From the pile of random samples came the idea of a quilt about the keys to happiness –  that I have, and that I search for.  My favourite bit shows Ygdrassil, as part of a section on faith, and is transfer printed, machine embroidered, and seed stitched in a random dyed thread.  Other sections, including Music, Nature and Love, as well as the if….. of less weight and more money,  use Tyvek (not keen), Stewart Gill paints, paintsticks, foiling (especially liked it used on the ‘dots’ of self adhesive interfacing), and loads of beading, (tribute to Frieda) and some Swarovski crystalling, plus a little book with printed Tyvek pages. It measures 20″ x 30″. If you click on the pics you can see them superduper clear and detailed!


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4 Responses to Art Quilt

  1. Georgina that is so lovely. Especially the Yggdrasil. All the best in your further journeyings as an artist.


  2. It looks beautiful, Georgina, and needless to say I love the beading. So happy you’ve caught that bug from me! It’s a very meaningful piece and the textures are amazing.


  3. Gill says:

    lovely work, beautifully interpreted! Love it too x


  4. Caroline says:

    I love it! So nice to know some of the thought processes and ideas behind it, and to think it started with what you had to hand…a key :o)
    c x


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