Down the garden

I was inspired to post by Deborah O’Hare’s fabulous be-poemed silken pebbles.  Down the garden is my studio.  With its own pebbled path.

I built it many years ago, almost all by myself, originally as a Wendy house for the children, but with the hope that one day it would be my room of one’s own. It tilts, it leaks, and it hosts a variety of pests from mice to fruit flies from the nearby apple tree, but it also looks out onto the rose garden, is as peaceful as a place can be, and houses all my creative supplies (apart from textile based stuff which is in the house).

The corrugated iron base (how attractive!) is a later addition (do I sound like Dan Cruickshank?) and was necessary after utter vandalisation by a badger who threw planks and rocks seven or eight feet away, in a seemingly frenzied night’s work.

I come down here every morning to do a few pages (morning pages a la Julia Cameron), and read some inspiring text.  I try to sketch, but I am full of the fear and loathing that often overcomes hope and desire when a skill has been lost through neglect.



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4 Responses to Down the garden

  1. George says:

    An Artist’s Way course sounds great – it is always good to have people to share it with, and it can be very challenging! I am on to the second part – Walking in this World – for the second time! It is inspiring.


  2. George says:

    Well they surely do look silken!!!


  3. It looks a lovely and romantic place to get away from it all, and I admire your perseverance with the Morning Pages. I even have a shed but somehow these always fall be the wayside. However I’m going to do a course on the Artist’s Way in the autumn so perhaps I will follow your example and retreat to the shed first thing in the morning! Ours is still very new looking, it needs antiquing!


  4. Deborah says:

    Thank you for the mention, though I have to tell that my pebbles are not silken, although I love the sound of that. They are my ususal cotton with textile paints.
    I love your shed and now I want some pebbles with messages on outside mine!


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