I hate doing pictureless posts and will update soon – sometimes life seems very hectic even for an unemployed hermit!

Main headline – we have water!  As of Thursday I could brush my teeth with the tap running if I should be so devil-may-care! A bit like when pain stops, the joy of the mundane is unconfined and simple tasks like turning the washing machine on become occasions worthy of champagne.

However – just so that the Lord High Universal Lord Over  All Foolish Ego’s is not forgotten, the Rayburn has had a melt down so whilst we await a call from our engineer Hughey Lewis (I know!!!!), cold food is the order of the day!  Luckily he/she also provided a heat wave so salad will do.

Once I do get around to picture taking, I will show you my lovely gift from Hazel over at Knityoga and take you through the highs (few) and lows (many), of my first attempt at an art quilt.  I am one of the few who have completed The Artist’s Way, and thoroughly recommend it to all budding artits with demons to wrestle, but I remain, nevertheless, a person who finds it hard to quiet the intellect, and listen to  intuition and imagination.  I overthink and thereby sit sometimes like a rabbit in a beam of light.  Nevertheless – I have also learned to carry on regardless and, soon, all will be revealed!

The boy has finished Uni – 2:1 – Well Done Son!  He is at Glastonbury – his pet, Roger Moore, is here.  Roger Moore is a Bearded Dragon.

Actually, stealing from his Facebook photos  – here is a picture

He eats live crickets.  For a vegetarian (moral reasons) with an insect phobia, I have shifted the perimeter of my comfort zone this week! He is quite fascinating, but not as strokeable as Biddy! Once the boy is home (for a while) I will feel otherwise challenged as we return to the random sock placement, and empty fridge, that living with a young man entails!


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One Response to Sorry

  1. Suz says:

    Hi….poor you no water..argh! glad its back
    Congratulations on finishing Uni and hope he has enjoyed Glastonbury
    Love the name..Roger Moore lol


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