Sorry folks – but I am so happy that it is raining!  This is a sight I was beginning to mourn…..

 The spring that always dries for a couple of weeks in late summer, dried in April. The novelty of the launderette has worn off (yes I realise I am priveleged in it ever being a novelty), I long for a very leisurely shower,  (we have an underground tank but must eke it out – and no the bathroom isn’t finished!! What do you mean it’s been two years since we started work on it?) and whilst me choosing to let the washing up accumulate is one thing, having to is another.

And the poor garden.  This is a time of thinking ahead, our big splitting and moving season, but without water it’s a sorry affair. The rain butts were emptied by mid month, (we have just fitted two more this morning) so the new roses were verging on suffering. This year we thought we had (amazingly because it is a toughie) lost a Great Maiden’s Blush, but I have found two teeny tiny shoots below ground so she has survived! She lives in the wildish  garden, (the truly wild, natives-only, garden is the meadow) along with Alba Semi-plena, Fantin Latour, Mme Hardy, and what I think is R. forrestiana, as well as an unknown seedling from a hip I gathered in town just for fun!  They have been added to this year by the very handsome Charles de Mills. We look forward to June!

I fell in love with a weirdly coloured David Austin rose last year and bought another this year – Summer Song – is it red? Orange? Coral?


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4 Responses to Hurrah!

  1. Hazel says:

    The rose in the last pic is SO beautiful!

    You have won the competition on my blog. Please see for details. Congratulations! x


  2. I am so delighted by the rain – was so fed up with spending an hour with the watering can every evening! We have 4 water butts now and am already hoping to get another. I love your roses – the Summer Song is beautiful – a gorgeous colour isn’t it… very Edwardian looking – beautiful.


  3. We had mains water installed in our little lane some 10 years ago now, together with all our neighbours, but before that were depended on a private supply and this year I’m extra grateful. But like you I welcome the rain, even the thunderstorms, as the garden needs it so much and also to avoid any forest fires locally! We didn’t have any rain at all in April, for the first time ever.


  4. How beautiful. We had to part with all our planters because the current dog pack discovered how to get into them and all the plants!


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