Following on from Wonderwool, and the absence of yellow yarn, here is my  first attempt at dyeing.  I had some Koolade Lemonade flavour and was expecting it to be zingy – it wasn’t. After getting the yarn good and wet (an hour’s soak) It was too pale even when concentrated in only a small area.

I decided to go back to an old stalwart – Turmeric – first used in this family one easter when the faithful (and yellow) Mini-Egg laying chick had gone AWOL, and a white chick had to be hastily disguised as an understudy! Anyone who has spilt curry will know of Turmeric’s staying power.

Determined to have some Highly-E-numbered-American-Poison presence, a few dashes of Walmart’s finest Value Fruit Punch, gives a lovely red – tomatoey, not pinky  – and a tiny drip-drop of some teal Procion I had already mixed up – Voila!

All I have to now is choose a pattern and beads – Yawn!!!!!


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3 Responses to Dyeing

  1. Wow, sounds and looks like you had a very tasty dying session.


  2. George says:

    Thanks Colin – I value your thoughts.


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