Wonderwool Wales

I had a spiffing time today.  Didn’t  bump in to any Ravellers, but I did see a lot of local friends, including a few Welsh Heritage and Region 12 quilters.  Wonderwool has gone from strength to strength over the years and is now a really polished event, albeit in the cavernous warehouse style units of Llanelwedd showground.

Today, and at last year’s autumn quilt show at Malvern, I set myself a modest spending limit, and the policy has worked in that on both occasions I have been very selective and not even reached, let alone, gone beyond, the boundary!

Today I was drawn by a lovely quiet and calm, yet very informative demo given by the lovely Twist Fibre Craft Studio, using ‘pre-felt’ – something new to me.  Much more controllable, and quick, and straightforward, than either knitted felt, or from-tops felt, pre-felt is in the ‘almost there’ state. I am looking forward to experimenting with their no-soap and bubble wrap method.

You can see the colours of pre-felt at the top of the picture – a large piece of cherry red (coincidentally u-handbag have just got new metal handbag frames, with cherry red bobbles!), and a rainbow of smaller pieces.

I also bought some laceweight merino/silk ready to dye.  I have been looking out for some yellow yarn, for a chakra shawl, without success, so I am going to have a go at dyeing my own.  I think a Koolaid yellow might please me! DT crafts can tell you all you need to know!

My final purchases were made at Colourcraft – a useful lettering stencil, a couple of Markal sticks with a particular art quilt in mind, and some transfer dyes, as I think the not-seeing-immediately the final colour will help me be a bit more free, less perfectionist – shut that inner critic right up!

Well – my actual final purchase – food from Love Patisserie of Hay on Wye – a wheatfree Florentine for the WFV – as the Rick Astley song says ‘Cause I think about you even when you’re far away ( he was at home weeding!) – and two Rose Meringues for pudding after supper with the first picking of rhubarb!

PS The meringues were perfect!


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One Response to Wonderwool Wales

  1. Gill says:

    What a great day you had!

    Many Congratulations on your 29 years too – I’d forgotten that we share that auspicious date as well, but hope that your celebrations were as happy as ours.

    Love from a hot and sticky Singapore!


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