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I am a member of The Quilt Association. It is an incredible resource in this outpost of the cultural world, and a joy.  Always seeking funds to rescue antique and vintage quilts, many of them Welsh, they have an on going idea that quilter’s can help with.

This is my first contribution to the Cash4Quilts fundraiser.  Other quilters may, (I hope) be encouraged to take part.  We are hoping to sell A4 sized interpretations of many of the quilts in the collection.

This is my interpretation

of this quilt from the 1930s.

I was intrigued by the fading of the quilt from mauve to buff and took the elements of the spiral and geometric quilting and the butted edge finish.  I added half a line from a C16th poem (words in italic), that caught my imagination.  It is by Barnabe Barnes.

A blast of wind, a momentary breath,

A wat’ry bubble symbolized with air,

A sun-blown rose, but for a season fair,

A ghostly glance, a skeleton of death;

A morning dew, pearling the grass beneath,

Whose moisture sun’s appearance doth impair;

A lightning glimpse, a muse of thought and care,

A planet’s shot, a shade which followeth,

A voice which vanisheth so soon as heard,

The thriftless heir of time, a rolling wave,

A show, no more in action than regard,

A mass of dust, world’s momentary slave,

Is man, in state of our old Adam made,

Soon born to die, soon flourishing to fade.

Today I received all the Round Robin pieces.  I started the ‘game’ off with the 12″ square woven star you can see in the centre, surrounded by the blocks made by the other five participants.  I love the results and can’t wait to play with them and turn them into a full sized quilt.


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