Stylish! Moi!!!

The lovely and very stylish herself Hazel aka Knityoga has nominated me for the stylish blogger meme! Thank you Hazel!!!!

The rules of the award are:

a) Thank the person that awarded you:

Thank you very much, Hazel!

(b) List 7 things about myself:

1. The first record I bought that was not an Elvis Presley one, was T.Rex’s Ride a White Swan

2. I love poetry and when I worked in a dull office I used to secretly post a ‘poem of the week’ on the staff noticeboard

3. If I could have chosen to live in another time I would like to have been a 20s flapper – if only for the pudding basin hats  

4. I put multi-theist on the census as my religion, as I have deep spiritual beliefs and enjoy aspects of many faiths, while at the same time abhorring the divisions that the more ridiculous constraints of those different religions cause – as if the power over all creation minds what we eat or wear,  when or where we do what we do, and wants us  to bless our wars in their name.

5. I am a person of contrasts – I love London and I love the middle of nowhere – I love very sweet and I love very salty – I love silence and I love full volume music

6. I am a Gleek.

7. I would like to sit and watch a watercolourist paint a picture from start to finish

(c) Pass the award to other stylish bloggers:

In no particular order, my choices are: 

Frieda Oxenham


Oh Fransson




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One Response to Stylish! Moi!!!

  1. Thanks so much! Never thought of myself as stylish so this is a real honour!


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