A User Upper

Not sure what to call this – it is made from stash, only thread was purchased.  It is definitely one of those quilts best seen from a galloping horse, as my main aim was to practise free motion quilting without fretting.  I still have problems with the top thread looping through to the back even with fresh needles and tightened top tension.  I was using a slightly heavier thread in the bobbin – maybe that causes it? I used the simplest of piecing and just carried on adding borders until all the Moda Charisma was used up. I quilted as I went, approximating feathers in the oblongs, and spirals in the squares.  The borders have two variations on meandering.

So, despite its galloping horse status, I was able to really enjoy the process and found that fabric and machine did combine with human energy in what approached synergy!

I love using King Tut variegated threads, which add a touch of serendipity to the piece.


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One Response to A User Upper

  1. Gill says:

    Gorgeous! Looks wonderful to me and I’m not on a galloping horse 😉

    Hope you are enjoying the sunshine in your corner of the world.


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