Icicles are Twicicles as Nicicles

It has been a bit of a trial lately.  The WFV’s car is again two miles away in the village.  DS took me shopping yesterday – he has been driving my car as his nerves are stronger than mine and although my car is not 4WD, he has 4WD and off roading skills.  The first five miles from home may as well be off-road as they are ungritted or ploughed.  We managed to get back to his friend’s house which is a mile and a half from home, then friend’s Dad – the well equipped local vet, brought our shopping up when he got home.  People are so helpful at this time of year.

What to do, what to do?  We haven’t had weather like this for over 13 years, until last year.  I am seriously considering, as in this family a car is for life not just for Christmas, that it may be worth buying a set of winter tyres and swapping about every December and April.

The beauty is staggering though and we have a house decorated by Mother Nature, with 18 inch long icicles!


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3 Responses to Icicles are Twicicles as Nicicles

  1. Gill says:

    Oh my, those icicles are amazing!

    Stay warm and snug and hope the snow goes soon


  2. I know just what you mean re cars. For the first time John himself suggested we could do with a 4W drive model! But I have to say our VW Polo is doing a great job on the snowy, icy lane. Your house looks gorgous!


  3. Very inconvenient but beautiful.


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