Here are the first three blocks of my next quilt – a cot quilt for Binky’s SIL.

Last night WFV did some Autumn gardening, cutting back the climbers on the house, and left the ladder up.  This morning it was leaning on the satellite dish ( a few years ago I would never have expected to write that as I was quite ‘anti’) and the signal was gone.  As I now know that the alignment has a 0.5° window, the WFV attempts to realign it were in vain – took me back to Dad on the roof wiggling the aerial and us on the ground shouting out to him when the reception was okay!!!

The engineer won’t be with us until Monday so we are a TV free zone.  I am not at all snobby about TV, having already confessed my Neighbours habit, and I think there are some great programmes made these days.  I am going to have a pang tonight as I love the absurdity of Holby, and I will be uneasy on Sunday when I know Downton Abbey is starting, but Hey!  I have a sense of proportion, we have after all survived without many of what modern society would consider to be necessities here in this faraway outpost of the Western world.  I almost feel a sense of relief as I can, like many people, slump in front of the TV after tea, and then wonder where the evening went, in a haze of pap.  It will be a lovely week of fireside reading and music, perhaps even conversation (!!) and the odd game of Scrabble.  We have decided, next summer, to spend a week without TV, radio, or clocks to see what it feels like to have no artificially imposed rhythm to the day!!??


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2 Responses to Hmmmm

  1. angie Cox says:

    I live on old repeats of Poiret , Midsummer Murders and Miss Marple ! Thank goodness for ITV 3 ,anyhow I’m sure Downtrodden Abbey ( as we call it ) will be available on D.V.D . I have to agree but what I need is a computer free year !


  2. Good luck, Georgina! I too would hate to miss Downton Abbey as well as Wallander in Swedish! Must remember to have more respect for that dish that brings it all to me! But on the other hand an evening of reading by a roaring fire sounds wonderful as well!


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