Round Robin Stars

I can’t get to my local Quilt group as often as I would like due to my commitment to Mum, but I joined for the challenges as much as the company and have just completed one of the legs of a Round Robin. The parcel came with the hope that stars would be the theme.  The rules are to make blocks amounting to 12″ square when completed.  The originator had done a 12″, and the next Robin had done 4 X 6″.  I decided to do 9 X 4″.  I found a foundation pieced star at the wonderful Quilter’s Cache . It was for an 8″ block so I scaled it down.  I found it really tricky to complete.  The block is worked in three pieces, at an angle, and I really struggled to join them accurately.  You can see a big goof in the bottom right star, but I left it in for honesty’s sake, and to give other Robin’s an ego boost!



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  1. that is very attractive


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