Absent friends

Well, it has been a very long summer.

Personally it has not been an easy one.  We had two deaths in the family, our spring dried up for five weeks, and the black dog returned to my side.

But nothing stays the same – that is life’s one certainty, and we grieve and continue, the rain returns and the aquifers fill, and the black dog shakes and goes back to his basket for a while.

What better way to blog again than with showing you a butterfly that symbolises hope, change, freedom and joy. In this case it also manifests the deeper symbolic reference of transformation of the soul, because this butterfly is being sent to the Holocaust Museum Huston who are hosting The Butterfly Project which asks for 1,500,000 butterflies to be made and sent to them to commemorate each of the children who died in the holocaust.

If you feel like a sob – read  the poem  that resonates the spirit of the project .

I am indebted to Frieda for the news of this project.  She is always an inspiration and I cannot recommend too highly a visit to her blog.


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5 Responses to Absent friends

  1. Hello Georgina I have missed you… Sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult summer. Your butterfly is very lovely. Welcome back to blogging. (p.s. I’ve had a change of identity over the summer, used to be Ali of Craft Matters, now Ali of Very Berry)..


  2. Hi Georgina, glad to have you back blogging but sad to hear you’ve had such a difficult time!
    Your butterfly is simply stunning and such a great addition to the project. It looks great on the sedum, too!
    Also many thanks for your very kind comments about my blog!


  3. Gill says:

    Georgina, I’m sorry to hear of sad times but it’s so lovely to have you back. We missed you.


  4. Beutiful and so symbolic. I lost relatives at Auchwitz, and I love the idea behind this project.


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