Knitting Content!!!

Jumper finished – Sublime Bamboo and Pearls   (who knew Viscose could have a Pearl origin?),  in Papyrus, a made-up-by-me pattern.  I wanted a simple cardi to go with the bright summer dresses I make from Batik fabric.  Once I started, I fancied a bit of  a lacey oopmh up.  I used a bluebell stitch from the Reader’s Digest, but altered it so that the bluebells alternate with the filler in the rows, avoiding a striped look. The yarn is lovely and soft, with a great drape, but floppy and splitty, so using it is a bit irksome.  But that’s being picky.

I went to visit  friend in Llanfair Caereinion on Monday, and it would have been churlish of me, wouldn’t it, not to have called in on Colinette.  Bought some fabulous Giotto, and some unamed wool, and did a bit of knitting and machine felting, as I wanted a bag to take to an arty farty gathering to which I was going to wear a red dress.  The gathering was cancelled, so I will be putting it up for sale on the soon to be relaunched Binky and Billy website!  By the time another swanky soiree comes along, I will want a different handbag – I am a will o’ the wisp when it comes to my style, as you can imagine from the neutral cardigan and the zingy bag!


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4 Responses to Knitting Content!!!

  1. Gill says:

    Beautiful work Georgina. Your cardi will be so wearable and perfect for English summer weather. Like Frieda, I’m wondering how you’ll bear to aprt with the bag but I guess money will be the persuading factor? After all, anyone with such an exquisite writing style will be able to command a good price 😉


  2. angie Cox says:

    Love that cardigan,I can’t knit lace at all.


  3. By the way, are you indeed doing the Sketchbook Project and if so, could you let me know your username so that I can send you a friend request?


  4. Both the cardigan and the bag are gorgeous! How can you bear to sell such a wonderful bag?!


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