Home made art

I love having art around that has been made by friends and family.  I come from a family that found it hard to celebrate our talents (something to do with heads and parapets, or lights and bushels!), and I intend to reverse that.

Traditional Polish sequinned waistcoats made by my grandmother – one for me as a child, then as an adult.  I also had a doll’s one, but gave it away in one of those mad moments when generosity overwhelms good sense (to another Anglo-Polish family expecting a baby). Ooh look there’s me.  From a rubbish photographer to an expert……..

Binky’s beau – Eli Pascall-Willis, took this for the WFV’s last birthday – it is Llanddwyn, on Anglesey – our favourite beach. Eli is such a clever photographer – a true artist – the photographs are NOT digitally manipulated.

I painted this when I was about 18 – no that was NOT in the 19th century.


Binky’s mosaic in the garden.

A gargoyle made by Bob, guarding the back door.

Birthsamplers – by me!

My first (and last) attempt at the Hoffman Challenge – it measures about 24″ square – I add that as I feel it important to know the dimensions of a quilted piece.

A beautiful, delicate, and very accurate portrait of Ben, given to me after his death and drawn by his kennelmaid, at Roden Dog’s Trust, Carrie – a compassionate and talented woman.

Upper – a pair of paintings meant to represent within the different circles, the contrasting  personalities of the WFV and I (done by me), with the golden overlapping section representing our whole being greater than the sum of its parts!!  He thought the one meant to be me was meant to be him, so perhaps we are ideally suited!

Lower – a gorgeous silk geometrical piece made for my birthday by Binky.

I made this textile piece for the WFV, after a truly awe-inspiring visit to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral when Dream Think Speak were in situ.  If ever you get the opportunity, don’t miss them.

The WFV is very artistic, but rarely makes anything he considers to be an art piece (I would disagree – he is brilliant with interiors and landscape and has built stone walls and cobble paths that I consider to be art).  He does do lovely flower arrangements!


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  1. Such riches!! So glad to see how treasured they are!


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