After the rain

Clicking on the images will bring up a clearer pic.

The evening light after the rain is magical. A catmint (Nepeta) and Alchemilla border works well colourwise and solves the problem of taming two gorgeous thugs.  The audacious oriental poppy, bottom right, is Beauty of Livermere – and doesn’t she know it.

I love the artlessness of the self seeded Columbine peeping up through the Angelica ‘s lowest leaves

The Peach Iris is appropriately called Party Dress. Then comes Verbascum Eleanor – I adore verbascums. The rose on the studio gable is Madame Alfred Carriere whose bloom delights and whose name infuriates – I am sure M. had a name of her own that was NOT Alf. Angelica is my favourite this year. The yellow Welsh poppies show themselves well beneath the fernery. Waiting for the Peony buds to burst is akin to watching someone blow up a balloon – I almost have to put my fingers in my ears. They also show how far behind we are at 1000ft. The Iris with yellow petals is Natchez Trace, in honour of my favourite writer – Eudora Welty: definitely a writer of place, albeit a place whose boundaries, alongside the realm of wonder, are permeable. Bottom row centre – more iris beside the little pond – fascinating the extremes of damp and dry that different species of Iris prefer. I don’t know the name of the one at bottom right, but she is a sophisticate in this humble country garden.

No plant loves raindrops more than Alchemilla Mollis


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One Response to After the rain

  1. Emma says:

    Beautiful garden.


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