It’s coming along

I started with the idea of a sampler quilt and a copy of Celia Eddy’s The Quilter’s Block Bible. The book is strong on ideas but not so good on actually cutting – she gives piece shapes, but doesn’t explain fully how the pieces are measured in relation to each other. Which means, in my experience, (or lack of experience) blocks that are pretty, and interesting, but very different in size.  In the back of my mind when I began, I knew that I could either take the trouble to unify them – I could have worked it all out, or just plough on in a free way (not good on ‘free’ so I have to trick myself into it – eg. when I do lifedrawing I make myself use thick pastels, or oilsticks to stop me getting hooked into bitty ditty detail). So I ploughed on knowing that at some point I would have to sit down with my maths hat on.  I like my maths hat – it does suit me.

With the addition of a row of flying geese, the first panel is coming together.  I feel at peace. All will be well – until I get to the quilting stage!!


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One Response to It’s coming along

  1. Oooh – it’s looking very exciting… I like your colour combinations 🙂


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