Journal Quilts

New to doing this but thought I would use the idea to expand my repertoire! First Quarter done. Clicking on the pics gives a closer view, so you can boost your ego by seeing my terrible stitching!


Fairly self explanatory! Used a bit of sparkle to lighten the mood of a little house oppressed by the weather!


Inchies to represent the start of the month with snow turning to rain – the joining of the Welsh heritage Quilters – a colourful bunch, and the completion of Nia’s birthday quilt.


A glorious return to green – a stripy cut and cut again to represent the  randomness of grass, and machine embroidered trees showing the 70 native varieties we planted in this month.


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One Response to Journal Quilts

  1. I think you should be proud of yourself! And that January image does look so familiar, it could have been our cottage here in Scotland too! Love the sparkle.


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