A  tote made as a pressie for my fellow MIL. 

When I was little, and my father was in the RAF, we moved so much I vowed that when I grew up I would live somewhere forever.  Of course when man makes plans the Gods laugh and I met the WFV whose work meant we moved every year for a while and then when we lost our first son, we decided to put down roots somewhere that we loved and where Binky and Bob could grow up safe and free.  So here we are,  and here we will stay.  What has that to do with pressie’s – well Binky couldn’t wait to get to the big city after a “boooorrrriiiinnnngggg” country childhood, (now all grown up she longs for a garden and a veg patch!) – but who did she fall in love with? A local boy –  which means that my fellow MIL (they aren’t actually married, but to all intents and purposes are), is also a friend – an interesting, dynamic, and lovely woman who I am delighted to be partying with, on her birthday, tomorrow. Hhhmmmm – still can’t see why I told y’all that – but that’s what blogs are for sometimes!!

I have incorporated her son’s, my SIL’s, and Binky’s Beau’s photograph of a scene very, very nearby,  to embellish the bag.  I haven’t had his permission yet so I am on hold prior to wrapping.  The original photograph is stunning, but the fabric print loses vibrancy, but does give a soft look I think works well with the main fabric.  The crochet flowers are supposed to reflect the colours in the image, along with a piece of vintage crochet, beads, and tea dyed lace. 


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  1. It’s so lovely when families get along! I love your bag, and I’m laughing at the story of your child longing for the city and then wanting to garden once she got there. That is exactly me! I grew up on a farm and wanted nothing more than a metropolitan lifestyle. Once I got it, I couldn’t stand the noise and grey. I couldn’t wait to get myself back to the land.


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