Well – I got there!  I took every wrong turn you can take, and got stuck behind every tractor you could get stuck behind!  Goodness me they need to do something about huge lorries and signposting in Bromyard!!  Aware,  as I know some of you are, when you have left the dog by herself at home, that time is of the essence, I arrived in a state of tension,  but the sight of all those gentle quilters relieved the pain!  I was mentally tsk tsking though as you were all a sea of beige and brown – then I remembered that I was wearing black!!! I did later spot some very exotic outfits – much more in keeping with our season tickets to fabricland!  One lady (I wish I had had the nerve to ask her if she minded me taking a photo), was wearing a fabulous cream linen tailored jacket strewn with hand stitched flowers – just gorgeous.

Anyway – quilts!!!  I wasn’t as enamoured as usual with a lot of the quilts.  There seemed, to my neophyte’s eye, to be a move towards very strong and clashing colour placed in a harsh way.  See above and previous posts, plus my own work, to know that I adore colour and lots of it, but I like to feel that thought went into the choosing and that there can be subtlety in the brightest hues.  I wonder if Kaffe Fassett’s genius is the inspiration for the growth in strong colour use and that if that is the case, the art will grow and improve?  I know he has been around for an age, but seems to have maintained a niche following until lately (I seem to be writing as if I expect huge disagreement!)  I sound like a right old Michael Winner I know.  I suppose I should just say that I didn’t like a lot of the finished quilts although the craftsmanship was superb.

Here are some that I loved:

Frieda Oxenham’s Journal quiltsI thought Frieda might like to see this: these two ladies were very interested and very complimentary!

I loved the painterly quality of this, the colours and the free use of applque in the foliage. I am sorry I cannot name all the quilt artists – I misplaced my programme – is there a reason for not naming them in situ?


I loved this use of colour and was more that completely (not possible I know – as daft as 110%) seduced by the word heliotrope!!

Miniatures!!!  I am in love and have added to the to do list some Lilliputian delights.  Apologies for the inclusion of the gnarled old gardener’s hand, but I wanted to show scale!

Lilliput itself!

Bhudda was made in inch squares – I love inchies and have just done my journal quilt for February as such (will post when I have done the first quarter of 2010 – bit Donkey’s tail).  It attracted many oohs and aaahs as the face only reveals itself from a distance and you know what we’re all like for getting up close and personal with the quilts! What work and patience must have gone into it – I love it.




I loved the simplicity in this – the squares actually looked like abstract photographs as I stood in front of it – very cleverly textured.  It reminded me a little of the delightful and rythmic work of Elizabeth Hartman – especially her paintbox quilts.

Loved the use of colour here 










And this was the highlight as far as detail and workmanship goes – I am not sure I would ever do something quite so restrained and tasteful – but it is utterly delightful and I can name the very clever maker: Pauline Ineson. The detailing was remarkable – each pearl of Lily of the Valley, each droplet of Foxglove – and after all that –  the detailing of the sashing in the corner of each square!! Wow, wow,  and thrice wow!!! If there was not such an eager crowd I would have taken more pics! Apologies!



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3 Responses to Malvern

  1. Oh, thanks so much for featuring my quilts. You’re right I love to see how they’re hanging in situ. I didn’t enter any large quilts this year, saving them for my upcoming solo exh. next year. But really interesting to read your comments! Like you, I admire the traditional quilts although I would probably never make one, pastel is simply not me. Thanks for the pictures!!


  2. Karina says:

    I love the beauty of the tree quilt. It reminds of a painting my mother once did based on a painting by Rowland Hilder. I must get out my materials again and start quilting.


  3. angie Cox says:

    Thanks so much ,beautiful and inspiring. I just found four Liberty print skirts I never wear now and have been thinking of quilting again.


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