Makings – a cushion, a bag, and an ATC


Inspired by Auntie Em’s Maverick stars – and a need to have something small and handsewn to do at the quilting meets. I used as a border some batik fabric that I have had for years.  I first bought a fat quarter and love love loved it and went on the search for more.  Eventually I bought the last three yards in the whole wide world and universe and Margate and have admired it like a Tolkien ring since then.  But I have decided that fabric is to be used.  So I am using it.

As the art fair was such a dead loss (I have since found out that I even got a £60 speeding ticket on the day, which is not like me as I am what my father called a Mimser when it comes to driving!) I am making things for me and the home.  I have been playing with Lisa Lam’s carpet bag frame  and finally got to grips with it.

 It is capacious which is useful, but the frame creaks when you open it so in the theatre it is embarassing!  We went to see Reginald D Hunter on Election night .  He was very funny, very challenging, very intelligent. Back to the bag: have you spotted the mistake with the straps?  It is irritating, and I will have to change them from front to back,  to front across front, back across back!  Oops! Just have to work out how to break the rivets without damaging the fabric……

ATC swap for May over at UK Handmade.

The theme was songs and I chose to work around The Rose, the words of which were always near the surface during the snow bound months. Apologies for rubbish picture quality.

May’s theme is VW and I cannot say I am enthusiastic……


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3 Responses to Makings – a cushion, a bag, and an ATC

  1. I can easily understand why you love that batik so! It’s stunning. Love the large bag, and what a good idea to go to the theatre on election night. So much more upllifting!!!


  2. Emily says:

    Your maverick stars are brilliant! Thanks for the plug! Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. Suz says:

    Hi loving the cushion and thanks for the house comments glad you like
    Hugs Suz x


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