I sometimes get hit with a surplus of glum.  It has in the past been full blown clinical depression, but I have gone to amber alert on that and you lot are charged with bringing me to book if I do not report outings and sociability…..  The crux of glumness is isolation and like a snake eating it’s own tail, a sense of isolation leads to hermitude. It feels impossible to pick up the phone and just say Hi, a mountainous climb to a friend’s house just to say put kettle on, love. And of course, the less you do anything, the less you can – mental health is just like physical health – use it or lose it.

Binky and I had a rotten art fair last weekend.  I understand that I am transgressing in saying that, as the unwritten rule is that, when asked, craftsters are supposed to answer a variation on Good, Fine, Okay, Great.  Well – selling just one greeting card doesn’t fit that bill.  I have one more booked and will then draw the veil over that particular location! I am working on a website relaunch, but it takes forever deciding on the ‘look’.  Especially for a Gemini with Libra rising!!


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One Response to Glum

  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh I am sorry it hasn’t been more successful, the stall looks so beautiful, so much lovely, heart lifting colour.


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