Who Knows?

I am not sure what this post will look like as there is a strange thing going on in WordPress, but just for Sky ISP users.  We can’t see any images, either at the upload stage or on site! I hope you will see cake here, but I can’t!


It’s been a funny week.  The WFV had an arthroscopy a week ago and is mending well.  After waiting for hours in a really uncomfortable chair at the hospital, I am suffering terrible back pain!  They must be trying to drum up business!


Yet more car trouble meant that I wasn’t able to get to Mum’s before the op (WFV can’t drive for a fortnight after the op) so I went down on Mother’s Day.  This was possible as my darling Binky was coming to see me! While she Daddy-sat, I went to Andover!  Not as bad as it sounds as she did come home on Friday night so we had some quality time together.


She baked me a fabulous cake – a wheat-free adaptation of a Hummingbird Bakery muffin – the moistest ever Orange and Cardamom cake decorated with Pistachios. 

It was divine and worth stepping off my Low-Carb wagon for.  I am following Rose Elliot’s veggie low-carb diet which is very effective.  

Not much to show on the crafting front.  I am beavering away, but haven’t had the head space to take decent pics, what with being a sham Nurse  Milly Molly Mandy and all! Hopefully the WFV returning to work, and Sky and WordPress sorting out their differences will coincide!


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4 Responses to Who Knows?

  1. Em says:

    I see the cake and it looks yummy!


  2. Gill says:

    Oh, wonderful cake!


  3. I can definitely see the cake and it looks delicious!! Hope you’re both recovering well.


  4. angela cox says:

    I see cake..yum ! I hope your husband is skipping soon,if I sit at my computer too long I have very bad cocyx pain. I am glad you got to see your Mum,best wishes to you all,angiex


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